You don't need a million to look like a million.

I'm sharing with you my knowledge on strand by strand hair extensions, especially my favorite method....Brazilian Hair Extensions. Every month I will be posting tips, advice or just general knowledge to keep you...the public better aware. You can ask me any questions or you can request my services. Either way, I will do my best to inform and be of service to you. -XOXO

Pictures of Clients

Brazilian Knots: Sample of new growth after 2 months.

Brazilian Knots: When your hair reaches this length it's time for a maintenance.

Client #1
18" 1B  Permed Straight Remy Hair.  Full Head.  About 6 oz.

Client #2
Brazilian Knot for length. #613, 16", 5 rows. About 4 oz.

Client #3
Entire head of Brazilian Knots. Finished and curled.  About 9oz.

Client #4
Full head of Brazilian Extensions. About 6 oz

Client #5
Brazilian Knots, full head installation

Client #6:
Brazilian Knot Extensions for extra length, 3 rows.  About 3 oz.

Client #7
Brazilian installation, 18", 1B,  permed straight hair, 8 rows.  About 8 oz.

Client #7
Brazilian installation, 18", 1B,  permed straight hair, 8 rows

Client #8
Light installation of 18", Spanish wavy, 5 rows. About 6 oz.
Client # 9
Came to get her new growth permed, during her maintenance.

Client #9
Brazilian Knots after 1.5 months

Client #9
Brazilian Knots with 1/2 inch of new growth after 1 1/2month