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I'm sharing with you my knowledge on strand by strand hair extensions, especially my favorite method....Brazilian Hair Extensions. Every month I will be posting tips, advice or just general knowledge to keep you...the public better aware. You can ask me any questions or you can request my services. Either way, I will do my best to inform and be of service to you. -XOXO

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

How to do Brazilian/ Brazilian Knot Extensions

I've been doing this method for about four years.  I remember how hard it was to learn the technique.  No one wanted to show me or they charged me up to $1500. So I'd like to help stylists learn the technique without hassle.  I've always been told that if you help others you will help yourself. 

So I offer one on one classes.  I know there are videos out there that teach you.  However, some people appreciate the hands on method of teaching.  You'll be able to ask me questions.  You watch me do it slowly and then I watch you do it.  I show you the correct way to hold the string; how to install without hurting your clients; all the tips and tricks I've learned over the years; the two difference methods of brazilians (regular brazilian extensions and brazilian knot extensions);how to grow your income and much more.  By the time I leave you will know how to install the extensions and you will be assured that you know it.

I live in NY, but I've traveled everywhere to teach. Be the first in your area to do this technique and you will be a hit!!  Contact me for prices and discounts or to make an appointment. 

- Love, Peace and Hair


  1. Hello:
    I bought your DVD. I have practice for about 3 months and feel I a ready to do a real head. I will have my first consultation tomorrow. The client has blond hair. I was wondering where you get your hair. I will be buying the thread from you. But I don't see where you sell hair. You may contact me at (616)240-6952. My email address it I will send you pictures of the finished job so that I can become part of your network. Thank you so much for caring about others.

    Ola Tyler

  2. I have practice for about 3 months and feel I a ready = I have practiced for about 3 months and feel I am ready. Sorry, I was typing too fast:-)

  3. Fusion hair extensoins is a new style for chicks. Its long lasting than the hot fusion. Its the only tecghniques that give you more long lasting and quality hairy look. The best part of it that you cant even find them in hiar, as they just woud be a part of orignal one. Other good option is clip in hair extensions as they are easy to applicable, but esay to detect aslo.

  4. I have finished my first DK job. I used your video and it came out great. I don't see where I can upload a picture thouh. As soon as I can, I willl be sending pictures. Thank you.

  5. i am writting you from Belgium. i paid for your brazilian knot DVD and you did not sent it to me. you just took my money like that! refund my money or send the DVD to me!

  6. Hi
    I live in the uk I am interested in the Brazilian knot DVD I'm already a hairdresser & can fit fusion bonds , microbeads & nanobeads I am not prepared to pay the uk prices for training though ! Do you post to the uk ? I usually pick things up quickly so I'm hoping your DVD will help :-) also do you have a DVD on sew in weft? Many thanks Crystal

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